About Us

I'm Joe Paoletti. Along with my brother, John, we founded JP Construction Services in 2004. JP Construction is licensed as a general contractor in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and we work extensively in the southwestern, southeastern and south-central regions of PA as well as southern NJ. Our focus is on exterior remodeling. We perform mainly roofing, siding and gutter replacement as well as exterior trim capping.

Before we founded JP Construction, both John and I worked in the construction industry for several years. We started by helping our father with his masonry/remodeling company during the summers when we were in high school. John later worked for a different company for 2 years as a carpenter. 

Our father's company was actually founded in 1964 by our grandfather. I worked full time for this company for over a year as a labor manager before I went to college. During and shortly after college I worked for several residential remodeling companies within the sales and customer service divisions. 

Our extensive hands-on and customer service experience truly allows us to be involved with practically every daily aspect of our company's operations. This way, we ensure that our company is doing things properly and making our customers happy- the way we were taught by our father and the way his dad taught him.

During our time in business, we have performed hundreds of jobs. Many of these jobs have been hail damage related. This means that we have completed millions of dollars worth of insurance repairs, virtually all of which have been cost-free for our customers.

At JP, we pride ourselves in helping homeowners receive proper compensation from their insurance company and performing top quality, start-to-finish projects with high-grade materials.

But insurance work is not all we do. Specializing in hail damage repairs required us to perform superior exterior remodeling. So, whether it's a new roof your are in need of or if you want an estimate for new vinyl siding, you can count on us to give you a top-quality job at a fair price.

Throughout our years in servicing our customers, we have developed relationships with some of the best installer mechanics in the industry. When it comes to exterior remodeling, we don't mess around. We treat every project as if it were OUR home we were working on. This is why we only use high-grade materials and we stand behind all of our work!

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