Q: How do I know if my house has sustained hail damage?

A: Some hail damage is obvious. Often, the damage becomes more evident under certain lighting conditions. A home's siding can look normal one minute and ravaged the next, depending on the angle of the sun relative to this house. If you have damage, you should fix it. Therefore, if you are not sure as to whether or not you have damage, you should ask an expert to inspect it for you.

Q: If I only have damage on one or two sides of my house, will my insurance company cover my siding in its entirety?

A: Every claim rests on its own merits. As a contractor, we cannot comment specifically about insurance policy. What we can tell you is that over 95% of all the homeowners we have worked with ended up getting their siding replaced in its entirety. Also, our company policy is that we will only perform work on a house if we can do a complete job. This means that we will either replace ALL of your aluminum siding or none. This is our guarantee!

Q: How long does the process take?

A: Many variables can affect the amount of time the entire process takes. Generally, you will receive a decision from your insurance company within a couple weeks from the time you submit the claim. Once you receive your approval, we usually are able to start your project within one to three weeks. Depending on the size of the overall project, the work could take anywhere from 1-5 days. Of course, all time frames are estimates and can vary greatly due to the insurance approval timeline, weather, material hold-ups and other factors.

Q: What if I get denied?

A: If your claim initially gets denied or you do not agree with the initial decision that your insurance company renders, you can often submit for a re-inspection. If this settlement is still unsatisfactory, you can proceed further. In our experience, most homeowners that we work with receive what we would consider a fair settlement after the first inspection.

Q: Is vinyl siding better than aluminum siding?

A: Most people agree that vinyl siding is superior to aluminum. Vinyl does not dent like aluminum. Vinyl will retain its color longer and never needs to be painted (maintenance free). Vinyl is offered in a variety of modern colors and styles while most of aluminum siding has been discontinued and is only available in very limited supply. The siding we use is more than twice as thick as most aluminum siding and comes with a transferable lifetime warranty including lifetime hail damage protection and lifetime color fade protection.

Q: What warranty do you provide for your work?

A: We provide a full two year warranty on our work. Most companies will only offer one year. Generally, if there is an issue with the workmanship, it will be noticed within only weeks of the installation. Still, if you notice anything that is deemed problematic due to our work, we will fix it for up to two full years from the installation.

Q: What warranty does your material have?

A: We use premium vinyl siding that comes with a transferable lifetime warranty. This lifetime warranty comes with lifetime hail damage protection and lifetime color fade protection. Most roofs that we replace are currently either a 20 year or 25 year shingle. We replace this type of roofing with a 30 year architectural shingle. We also install ice/water shield which will protect you against ice damming in the future.

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