About Getting New Vinyl Siding

Do you have old, outdated aluminum siding? Do you have first generation vinyl siding that has now faded and become brittle? Do you want to change the color and look of your existing exterior? If so, new siding might just be what your house needs.

But these are just a few reasons why homeowners decide to get new siding installed on their home. Did you know that getting new siding is considered the best home improvement that you can do in terms of cost efficiency? It is estimated that you get anywhere from a 95% - 102% return on your total siding cost. So, not only will your house look much better and offer greater cub appeal, but you will likely get most or all of your money back.

But this doesn't even take into consideration how much money you could save in energy bills. Many houses were built without any vapor barrier or exterior insulation between the sheathing and siding. Getting new siding affords you the chance to correct this deficiency. Without it, your home falls prey to moisture, and wind. Your home also will be colder in the winter and hotter in the summer. This means higher energy bills when you try to make up for this. Fixing this problem can save you hundreds every year.

Getting new siding can also be very exciting. Not many other home improvements offer you the chance to completely change the look of your home like getting new siding can. People tell us all the time after we install their new siding that they feel like they have a new home. Your home's exterior is the first thing someone notices about your house. It is what offers the first impression. If it is faded or dented, people notice. New siding gives your house that first impression and curb appeal that everyone wants.

Usually when a homeowner gets new siding, they elect to get a few extras as well. One of the most common extras are new shutters. When you get new siding, especially if you change the color, your old shutters likely will not match. So, new shutters only make sense. Plus they are a cheap way to give your new siding project that "finishing touch."

Brand new vinyl siding comes with many other accessories that most homeowners do not even know about. When many houses were built, these accessories were not used either because they were not available at the time or because the builder decided not to use them. A few examples of these accessories are "light blocks" and "split-minis." A light block is a mounting feature that gets installed within your siding. This block is what your light fixture will rest upon. So, instead of the fixture merely resting on the siding, it rests on the block. Split minis are installed similarly for your existing hose bibs and electrical outlets that are currently on the siding structure. These small features really give your new siding that complete look and feel.

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