Homeowner Claims to Repair Storm and Hail Damage

When your house sustaines damage from a storm or other sudden event, it can be an overwhelming experience. One minute, your house is perfectly fine and the next, it's damaged.

When a property is damaged, it suffers a loss. Homeowners insurance is a mechanism that allows for homeowners to recover their loss for certain damages. Not all damages or losses are covered and different policies may provide for different coverages (to see what types of claims are covered, click HERE).

Many homeowners simply never even consider filing a homeowner claim. As consumers, we tend to think more about claims when it comes to our automobiles. Ironically, it is usually your house that is your largest investment and is an appreciating value versus cars which lose value over time.

So, if protecting the value of your largest investment requires submitting a claim, you shouldn't be scared to do so- after all, if you'd file a claim to repair damage to your SUV, why wouldn't you do the same for your home?

Perhaps the fact that many people do not pay for their homeowners insurance directly is partially to blame for consumers' reluctance to submit a claim. Many people pay fpr their property insurance through their mortgage payment. Sadly, many homeowners don't even know what insurance company covers their house.

As a contractor that performs hail and storm damage repairs, we know that not all insurance companies are created equal (see who the best homeowners insurance companies are HERE). So, if you do not know who is providing coverage for your house, you should look up this information.

Submitting a claim against your homeowners insurance company is not something that you should take likely. You don't want to submit a claim for minimal damage, especially if you can afford to repair the damages yourself. But, if the damage is extensive, a homeowner claim may not only be a good option, it may be necessary.

You actually have a legal and ethical obligation to uphold the value of your property. This is why you are likely required to pay for insurance on your property. So, don't be afraid to use something for which you pay a monthly premium. Again, you do not want to abuse your insurance coverage. But, you should use it when need be.

If your not sure whether or not you've sustained certain damages, or you want a second opinion about the nature of your recently sustained storm or hail damage, we recommend that you call a quailified residential storm damage contractor.

JP Consturction specializes in performing hail and wind storm damage repairs in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.