JP Construction Disclaimer and User Agreement

JP Construction is a General Contractor and is licensed as such in the states of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

JP Construction is NOT a public adjusting company, a law firm or an insurance company, nor do we represent ourselves as such. JP Construction does not work directly for any insurance company. Furthermore, we do not represent any homeowner to his/her insurance company, nor do we interpret insurance policy or law.

The domain "" and use of language such as "cost-free" and "no out-of-pocket expense" are not to imply that the homeowner is not responsible for paying his/her deductible. A homeowner must incur a deductible if this is part of his/her policy. JP often offers special discounts or promotions. However, these are unrelated to any homeowner's deductible and should not be seen as "deductible coverage."

JP Construction specializes in working with homeowners that have sustained certain types of residential storm damage, namely hail damage. We provide our construction expertise to the consumer and we will, upon request, prepare an estimate for storm damage-related repairs.

Additionally, the "Vinyl Cost Calculator Tool" on this website is a general tool to allow homeowners to get a very ROUGH idea of how much their siding project may cost. The estimate reflects a ratio of exterior square feet versus interior square feet inputted by the consumer. Therefore, the estimate generated through the tool may vary greatly from a "true estimate" that we would provide. A true estimate can only be given and certified by a JP Construction representative while on location of the property in question. Furthermore, this estimating tool should never be seen as a replacement of an estimate for hail damage repairs.

Lastly, neither the owners of this website nor the officers or agents of JP Construction are to be held responsible for any third party content, including but not limited to links to other sites, live feeds, articles, information. Your use of this website waives our liability. If you do not consent to this, we ask kindly that you do not use this site and exit immediately.